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Why People Join Us

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  • Identify talent from socially excluded groups
  • Inculcate good values while nurturing talent
  • Provide educational opportunities and support
  • Produce self-employed/employable individuals with high integrity and discipline
  • Provide quality mentoring and Christian guidance
  • A transformed society with strong value system

Mission & Vision

    Our Vision

  • A transformed society driven by knowledge and positive values
  • Our Mission

  • To transform Society by building leaders with strong values, qualitative education and mentoring

About Us

Raziela Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization set up principally to provide meaningful educational opportunities for financially disadvantaged Nigerians and instill positive values in them through mentoring so that they are given an opportunity to achieve their full potentials and consequently, transform our society.

This initiative, led by Bemigho Omayuku, is committed to ensuring that a lot more financially disadvantaged people are given educational opportunities that will enable them contribute positively to society by proving the support they require to get proper and meaningful education. The education received by Raziela grantees will enable them become both self-employed and employable because it will be tailored towards developing their natural talents which would be indentified and nurtured through mentoring.

The grantees will also be provided with Christian guidance whilst acquiring this education which will instill values that are becoming extinct in our current society. The work of John Calvin in early Switzerland laid the foundation for the honesty, precision, dedication, hard work and transparency which make the Swiss leaders in banking and watch-making amongst other things.

Raziela foundation reaches out to all Nigerians in every geographical location regardless of religious leanings or tribe. We take on children who are within the age range of 5 years to 9 years.

The vision is to catch them in good enough time to impact their lives with the right values. We are committed to seeing these children through various levels of education until they get to the tertiary level. For us tertiary may be a vocational school instead of a university depending on the natural inclination and talent shown by the child.

We are funded by well meaning individuals and organizations that believe in our course and have committed to it. Our partners are through us achieving their dream for our society. We would be grateful if you would make the decision to partner with us.

We are driven by knowledge and positive values

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